Sitemap - 2024 - FiftyOne Insights – Web3 for Business

📝#78: Web3 Loyalty's Comeback

Case Study: Hugo Boss Steps Into Web3 Loyalty – Will They Succeed?

Web3's Power Play

📝#77: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

How KIKI World is Flipping the Script on Traditional Beauty

Pudgy Penguins: A Blueprint for Community-Led Brands

📝#76: AI Tokens, Musk & Penguin Games

The Road to Web3: Mercedes-Benz's Web3 Journey with Max Orgeldinger

📝#75: Brave New World

Did the Government Just Enter a Free Market Casino?

Art, community, and Web3 with Mastercard's Sebastian Oddo

📝#74: Biden vs. Crypto Trump

Where Physical Meets Digital

From Consumers to Fans

📝 #73: A New Supercycle

Lufthansa’s Steffen Boller shares the airlines’ Web3 loyalty strategy

📝 #72: Crypto's Trojan Horse

Bitcoin’s New Asset Class (Without the VC-Tax)

📝 #71: The Crypto Killer App

Dematerialzd is now FiftyOne Insights

📝 #70: The Next NFTs

📝 #69: NFTs Didn't Work

📝 #68: What now?

📝 #67: Big Stakes

RWAs: Rethinking Commerce for High-Value Assets

📝 #66: Payday

📝 #65: The Next Frontier

Stop Talking About Web3

📝 #64: Gearing Up

📝 Field Notes #63: The End Game

Web3: A New Commerce Layer for the Internet

📝 Field Notes #62: Virtual > Physical

KIKI World: More Than Make-Up

A list of my 2024 Web3 top reads (so far):

📝 Field Notes 61: Beyond Plastic Cards

Rebuilding the Internet

📝 Field Notes #60 : Read Write Own

From Polo to Pixels: Case Study on Lacoste's Web Strategy

📝 Field Notes #59: Back to Reality

Beyond the Hype: Visa's Web3 Loyalty Solution

📝 Field Notes #58: Fake News

Flash: Nike's Web3 Update

📝 Field Notes #57: Laser Eyes

What's Next: Web3 for Consumer Brands in 2024

📝 Field Notes #56: Visa Enters Web3 Loyalty