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Art, community, and Web3 with Mastercard's Sebastian Oddo

Art, community, and Web3 with Mastercard's Sebastian Oddo

Discover the intersection of art, community, and Web3 with Sebastian Oddo, VP of Global Digital Marketing Innovation at Mastercard, as he shares his insights on the future of consumer engagement and the role of advancing technologies like blockchain and AI.

From Sports Marketing to Web3: Sebastian Oddo's Journey

Anyone who wishes to stay ahead of the curve should listen to this Dematerialized Podcast episode. Interviewing Sebastian Oddo, a significant player at Mastercard in international digital marketing innovation, is host Marc.

When he left sports marketing to join Vayner3, Sebastian started his adventure into Web3. Being there at the height of the NFT boom offered him a wealth of expertise in starting Web3 campaigns for companies. These days, he's out to inform everyone about Web3's possibilities, from legal teams to marketing experts.

In this episode, find out how Web3 is revolutionizing the marketing scene. Sebastian feels that authenticity, community, and culture will be critical components of brand development in the future. The brands that listen to their communities and provide experiences and goods that appeal to them will succeed in Web3.

The Artist at the Core of Web3 

Sebastian firmly feels that Web3 can enable artists and give them new chances. One way Mastercard assists artists in navigating the fascinating world of Web3 is via the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program. This program educates upcoming musicians and artists about the direction of music and how to use Web3 technology to advance their careers and establish novel connections with their audience.

Authenticity, Community, and Culture: The Keys to Brand Building

In the Web3 age, Sebastian thinks authenticity, community, and culture will be crucial to brand development. He emphasizes the significance of companies listening to their communities, comprehending their problems, and providing sincere answers that satisfy their demands. Thanks to Web3, brands have a unique chance to build communities, get insightful input, and work together to create experiences and products that really speak to their consumers.

The Convergence of Web3 and AI 

The prospect of Web3 and AI combining to influence customer involvement in the future excites Sebastian. Though several companies have abandoned their early NFT efforts, he sees this as an opportunity for creativity and development. Sebastian is confident that blockchain technology and AI will soon become indispensable aspects of our everyday lives, just as the internet was once thought to be a fleeting fad.

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