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SEPHORA goes Web3: First-Hand Insights from Vincent Benoist

Hey, it’s Marc. ✌️

This is the start of a series of key highlights from our podcasts for our PRO subscribers.

I’m thrilled to kick this off with the latest episode on SEPHORA’s Web3 strategy. This episode is packed with insights from our guest Vincent Benoist, and I can’t wait for you to tune in! Vincent Benoist is the Global Innovation Project Director a…

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FiftyOne Insights – Web3 for Business
FiftyOne Insights
Welcome to the FityOne podcast, where we talk all about consumer brands, Web3, and the future of consumer engagement.
Together with brand leaders & innovators, we untangle and explore the potential of blockchain, gaming, AI and other emerging technologies to build the future of consumer engagement.
I’m Marc Baumann, your host, and founder of FiftyOne. With FiftyOne, we publish research & strategic intelligence on the Web3 consumer space, and we work with start-ups and corporates on how to use emerging technologies to unlock real value for business and consumers alike.