Recap of the top crypto news of January 2023

Bitcoin turned 14

Animoca Brands halved fundraising target for Web3 fund to $1bn

China launched an exchange for NFTs and for copyrights related to digital assets

CFA Institute released a paper “Cryptoassets: Beyond the Hype”

Kraken launched Kraken Pro

Crypto lender Genesis Global Trading laid off 30% of its staff

Crypto bank Silvergate Capital (SI) cut 40% of its workforce

Crypto exchange Huobi reduced 20% of its headcount

Coinbase laid off staff by another 20% laid off 20% of workforce laid off 28% of its workforce

Crypto exchange Gemini cut another 10% of its workforce

NFT marketplace SuperRare cut staff by 30%

ConsenSys confirmed 11% staff cut

Vitalik Butterin posted his vision for crypto: 1. Scaling 2. Privacy 3. UX

Venom Foundation & Iceberg Capital launched a $1bn venture fund for Web3

AWS partnered with Avalanche

SEC sued Genesis and Gemini for breaking securities rules

Celsius Network won ownership rights to customer crypto deposits

Crypto broker Genesis filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Bank of International Settlements (BIS) addressed the risks in crypto

EY & Polygon announced working together on privacy-preserving transactions

Beeple announced “Beeple Studios”, a physical gallery and event space

Optimum overtook Arbitrum with daily active addresses

Bitcoin daily transactions were as high as in May 2021

N26, the German neobank, launched a crypto offering

Robinhood started rolling out a crypto wallet

Rumors about Amazon entering Web3

Circle launched a cross-chain transfer protocol (CCTP)

Goldman Sachs ranked Bitcoin as the best performing asset YTD

Nike’s .Swoosh Studio went live

Porsche’s NFT mint day closed early and a fraction of the 7500 NFTs were sold

Doodle launched V2 on Flow blockchain

Foundation launched “World”, a Web3 native curation tool

Foundation launched “Drops”, a new way to launch NFT collections

The White House published a “Roadmap to Mitigate Cryptocurrencies’ Risks”

Bitcoin NFTs, named “ordinals”, spark controversy

Onwards. 🚀