Calling out top writers & analysts in the consumer Web3 space is a hub for actionable insights and market intelligence on Web3 to help thousands of brand leaders in growing their business.

I’m building a team of talented journalists, analysts and editors to create top-tier analysis and marketing intelligence for the Web3 consumer space.

Our editorial principles are:

  1. No-Bullshit. Ever: We cut through the noise to deliver the essentials. You'll never find fluff or filler in our content. We respect the time of our readers.

  2. Objectivity & Accuracy: Every piece we publish is backed by facts and scrutinized for impartiality. Our mission is to provide reliable information you can trust.

  3. Easy, Plain Language: We speak normal language. We make complex topics understandable for everyone, avoiding jargon and unnecessary complexity.

Are you a writer or editor looking to break through at the intersection of Web3 and business? If so, let’s talk.

– Marc