A list of Web3 jargon and its Web2 counterparts

Blockchain = Servers

Node = Individual servers

Wallet = Account

NFT = Media assets

Token = Platform assets

Smart contract = Apps

dApp = More powerful apps 

Minting = Publishing

Private Key = Passwords

Public Key = User names

Seed phrase = Simplified password

Airdrop = Rewards

Degen = Nerd

DAOs = Communities

Tokenization = Digitalization

DEX = Marketplace

Miners & Stakers = People running servers

Gas = Costs of running servers

Layer 1 = Internet protocol

Oracle = Data provider

Mainnet = Production environment

Testnet = Test environment

Sharding = Scaling

Interoperability = Standards

51% attack = Hack

Ownership = ❌

The endgame: a decentralized, open-source, and interoperable Internet that runs on dApps, smart contracts and blockchain, requires gas to interact with, and is owned and secured by the users with tokens and NFTs.

Education is key for mass adoption. Use this when talking to your frens.. I mean friends.