Partners We Amplify is proud to partner with some of the leading projects and technology providers of the Web3 space.

Industry Partners

Boson Protocol – Web3’s decentralized commerce layer

Boson Protocol enables the tokenization, transfer and trade of any physical thing as a redeemable NFT. Learn more→

SmartMedia Technologies – Enterprise Web3 platform

SmartMedia Technologies is an enterprise Web3 platform. It includes a self-serve, no-code, drag and drop NFT and Web3 design studio and a programmatic media platform. SMT is the technology partner of Visa’s Web3 loyalty solution. Learn more→

Magic – The leading wallet-as-service provider

Magic provides the leading wallet-as-a-service plus essential NFT capabilities and is trusted by world-class brands, such as Mattel and Macy’s. Learn more→

Cookie3 – One-Stop to measure Web3 marketing

Analyse every visitor and wallet on your website, fuse web2 and web3 with powerful campaigns, understand your traffic and customer journey. Learn more→

LimeChain – Web3 Development & Consulting

Limechain’s been in the game since 2017 (kudos!), spearheading over 200 web3 projects with its technology agnostic approach across Ethereum and its L2s, Hedera Hashgraph, Polkadot, Near, Avalanche, The Graph and others. The team comprises more than 100 skilled developers capable of addressing a diverse array of projects. Learn more→

Certhis – Grow & Engage With Your Community

Certhis is The All in one Web3 Infrastructure to democratize Brands' web3 adoption to create new interaction, communication, with their community. From a seamless Wallet to onboard their Web2 users to NFT collections, Utility Apps, Shopify App, Push notification system… Learn more→

Ecosystem & Execution Partners


Supernova is an innovation studio for brands and agencies to drive maximum ROI (return on innovation™). Supernova is our execution partner.


A curated membership platform to connect founders, visionaries and disruptors at the forefront of creative culture and technology. Future+ is dedicated to fostering collaboration and connections across global events, experiences and content.

KORE Technologies

KORE Technologies, a Swiss IT company, specialises in implementing GenAI use cases as well as creating and managing blockchain certificates for people and products (NFTs). With its extensive experience and Hyper Protect infrastructure, KORE integrates customers' large-scale systems to fully automate their solutions.